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Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


Have you managed catch the latest drug trade? One about the guy who moved down a spiral staircase in the number, type and number of steps down in value as they go. Downstairs.

It portrays how your doctor may tell you that you have to lower your cholesterol levels lower than ever body health. But it is a legend and one. fatalistic may as well. Let us start with a few known facts on the hand problem,. Cholesterol.

What really is cholesterol?

It is harmful to your body.

Should cholesterol in our body is stored as low as possible or not.

We take a moment to consider these questions.

But what is the first cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fatty waxy substance that can be found in the bloodstream and cells of our body. In addition to the food we eat. Every day in meat and dairy products. Will be produced in the liver for the body of important work such as building cells, hormones,. Vitamin and bile acid production.

Cholesterol is. To the body to form acid. cholic used to produce bile salts to digest fats. In addition, cholesterol is essential for hormone production and reproduction, such as kidney. progesterone and testosterone. Cholesterol can cause our skin does not agree with water and other hazardous substances.

They can also cause toxins in our bloodstream to bind together. Reduce inflammation and protect our organs and nervous at the same time. So now we know that cholesterol is important, we question why it is such infamy?

Rumors started when scientists and researchers have found. correlating cholesterol blood cholesterol in blood flow to our heart. If it is to return to classroom study in school. They find that correlations are very important. no. when two things are two relationships, it just means that what is at the same time or. American Heritage Dictionary it is the relationship causal relationships end,. Parallel or interchangeable, especially the contact structure or quality of work comparable between the two organizations.

In Standard English means that just because someone holds a gun to install it does not mean that they get destroyed.

But the confusion is because there. Two types of cholesterol. One good one is not good for you and for you. Category called good HDL cholesterol and type of waste. LDL cholesterol.

LDL cholesterol, low density stands. Lipoprotein and when this is too much circulates. In the bloodstream, it is our bad news. Building on top of the line. our arteries and cause heart attacks we have. Bit like the kettle to be tons. limescale.

In contrast, HDL cholesterol seem to be preventable. Will cost approximately half of the fourth blood. Cholesterol carried throughout our body and seems to affect prevention of heart disease seem to be able to go. LDL cholesterol, and it stopped before the. Walls of our arteries. Acting bit like kettle resolve. de-adjusted.

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